Jumat, 28 November 2008

What World Are We Living In?

Actually I want to blog something else, and then I watched the news on CNN,
and suddenly I feel so sad or shock or mad or whatever..

Incase you didn't know what happened to your world today :
There has been a terror attackS on Mumbai for this past two days.
At least 155 people have been killed and hundreds are injured.
(The latest areas under attack are Taj Mahal hotel, Oberoi hotel and Chabad House.)

I can't watched the news anymore, it has been two days..when it'll be over?
I feel so sad, and what we can do is just pray for them,.. for those people who have been killed, for those injured, for those hostages, for their family, for security forces so they can ended this terror (or killed those terrorists!!)..

I don't know what to say anymore:'(

Jumat, 21 November 2008

O.M.G Gmail Theme

Ohmgod Ohmygod...
I just woke up, and want to check my email and replying those comments on my blog...and suddenly i see that Gmail has a themes.. ohmygod!!
I choose candy theme.
It's sooo so so cute....:P

I'll post my update later, right now I just want to have breakfast.
I'm starving to death! lol.

XOXO, Maria